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Dr. Amy Botwinick wants you to get better (and stay better) with stress. She is a retired chiropractor after 30 years of private practice and a mother of six adult children. She has expertise in behavioral health and biomechanics with a strong focus on the mind body connection.

Her practical strategies zero in on where people have control: their thoughts, behaviors and selfcare. She provides easy to digest education that captivates and inspires actionable change. Dr. Botwinick’s simple and impactful message helps people optimize mental and physical wellness with simple tips and tools they can apply immediately in their daily life. Individuals can experience less downtime from illness and injury creating more space to forge their path to a happy, balanced and productive life at home and at work.

After 30 years of helping others with her hands as a chiropractor, Dr. Botwinick has found a way to help others with her words and expertise in the human condition. In short, small changes can “tame brains” and change lives for the better. Dr. Botwinick is available to speak at universities, fire/rescue/police trainings, corporate trainings and charitable organizations.

What if I could provide a practical and & simple strategy to monitor & manage triggers & moods? Priceless. Presentations provide simple tips and tools to get better with stress…and stay better. Through the art of storytelling, humor and education, audiences walk away with impactful tips and tools to apply immediately in their daily life. The result is less downtime from physical illness, injury and mental health challenges creating more space to enjoy a happy, balanced and productive life at home and work.

Everyone struggles with stress


Amy's Speaking Topics

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Tame Your Brain: Get Better at Stress


  • Get Curious About Your Unique Stress Response

  • Learn Simple Tips & Tools To Calm Your Nervous System

  • Use Your Stress Response To Your Advantage

Description: We all want to get better with stress but just thinking about that makes us stressed out! An entertaining and easy to understand presentation that digs into the human body’s reaction to the stress response. Audience members will gain more insight and curiosity about their own unique body expression early on to make changes in their thoughts and behaviors to protect their physical and mental wellness. Simple tips and tools are introduced that can be put into practice immediately to soften the overreaction our human brains are hardwired for. Additionally, audience members will learn how to change their thoughts on stress to use the stress response to their advantage to meet challenges while protecting their physical health.

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The Upside of Life Transitions


  • Challenge Negative Thoughts

  • Learn Common Distortive Thinking Traps

  • Strategy To Reframe Negative Thoughts

Description: Everyone has their own life experiences that create a lens on how they see the world and interpret challenge and change. This presentation acknowledges the human brains resistance to change but offers a strategy to flow with it and get grounded to move forward. There is a strong focus on reframing thoughts to build resilience with an introduction to distortive thinking patterns we all struggle with. Simple exercises are introduced to challenge negative thoughts and rewrite them to be more moderate to manage inevitable life transitions with grit and grace.

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Trigger & Mood


  • Get Curious About What Triggers You & How Your Body Reacts

  • Learn Where You Have Control:  Your Thoughts & Behaviors

  • Strategies to Show Up As Your Best Self

Description: Triggers and moods, we all have them. Something happens that’s not that important but it gets under our skin. The stress juice spills out into our bodies affecting every cell and we go down our trigger tunnel. This response affects our moods and behavior that can reveal a side of ourselves that can be destructive to our relationships but more importantly our physical and mental wellness. Learn simple strategies to monitor moods and triggers to pivot your energy, thoughts and behaviors to show up as your best self. We can’t avoid triggers in life but we can get out of our trigger tunnel, out of our own way into a healthier more productive life.



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I can do this! This one small thing I can do. I can tell it will help me, thank you!

Cristine Koock. Audience Member Charity Luncheon

The feedback was wonderful and everyone walked away with great value. Amy was great to work with and very responsive and accommodating to our needs. Highly recommended. 

Amy Bromhead Deputy Director of Operations at Faulk Center for Counseling

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190202_MichaelNiren_121_Large.JPG testimonial.JPG

Very dynamic and engaging speaker. We would hire her again. 

Michael Niren-CEO Visa Place

Dr. Botwinick easily connected with the room and captivated their attention. The feedback I received was very positive. We look forward to partnering with her for future events.

Jonathan Price, CEO Faulk Center for Counseling

Jonathan Price.jpg testimonial.jpg

She taught us so much, including how to identify our triggers and learn how to calm our minds before we may react poorly. Everyone would benefit from her wisdom!

Dr. Ronit Stein M.D.

The message and lessons Dr. Botwinick shared are universal, easy to understand and simple to implement on a daily basis.

Adam M. MYRON Attorney at Law

I found her tips to be both practical and easy to apply in my everyday life. She would be a great speaker for any event.

Michele Raft Audience Member

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